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But as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

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They WILL be the person you are happiest around and brings out your best self. They will also probably be very supportive of your purpose for being on the planet. Do you want your partnership to feel loving? Then do your best to become a vibrational match to that feeling.

In terms of vibration, this is the fastest way to bring your partner to you. Too may people focus on finding the right partner instead of being the right partner. Consider this: many men say they proposed to a woman because she was already acting the way he would want a wife to. Dating, on many levels, is a test run for the real thing. People have the opportunity to set the tone of their relationship very early on in their dating. Example : On our first date, I was a bit nervous and rambling, when my husband took my hand, and told me we would not be in competition with each other, but rather we would be a team.

Finding The Right Partner Makes Your Life Take Off, Not Settle Down

I was amazed at his boldness, honesty, and positivity and immediately relaxed into him. We have been operating as a team ever since.

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Bottom Line : Set the tone of your relationship early on. By being truthful and authentic, you will naturally be sorting for the right partner. The wrong partner makes you less of yourself — they make you feel malleable. This is what your partner is for. It is not a talisman of being preferred to someone else, it is not a tonic. It is not something that dissolves your real life problems, or distracts you from them well enough. Anybody who is with the person they need to be with will tell you that the relationship transformed their lives in ways that were previously unimaginable.

It made their dreams more feasible. It will not always be easy. Social style Almost! Family values Try again! Religion Close! Interests You're partially right! All of the above Absolutely! Method 3. Ask your friends. Many couples meet because of mutual friends. Though it may seem unlikely, you may end up married to your friend's cousin or former roommate. You can be open to being set up by your friends, who will know your personality as well as the personality of the person they want to set you up with.

Or you can just go to a gathering with one of your friends, who may have an idea of a certain single person there that would be perfect for you. Find someone who shares your interests. Common interests can make a relationship thrive, so look out for any special people who share your interests, whether you lock eyes with a cute guy in your yoga class, notice someone cute reading your favorite book in a coffee shop, or if you really click with that girl in your grad school class.

The common interest can be a launching point for an exciting relationship. The common interest will also give you an easy opening for a fun first date; if you're both into something, you can just do that thing together and see where it goes. Find someone at work -- without breaking any rules. It's a known fact that more people meet at work than they would admit. It makes sense: in a given day, you may spend more time with your coworkers than anyone else, and if you love what you do, then you and that person may have similar interests. Though you shouldn't actively pursue your coworkers because that could be breaking your company code, if you really feel an attraction to someone in your workplace, be open to the possibility that this person could end up being really special -- as long as you follow company policy.

Find someone online. Online dating has become one of the easiest ways to meet your future spouse. Online dating sites help you narrow down your choices based on common interests and other important qualities, and people who join online dating sites tend to be more serious about committing for life. You can always end your membership if it doesn't work out. Be open wherever you go. It's true: you really can meet your future husband at a loud, smelly, bar. Though it's less likely, the perfect person can come up to you at any time at all, so don't put your blinders up at the wrong time.

Though you shouldn't be looking for your future husband at a company meeting or at a funeral, you should be open to the possibility that love can strike at almost any time. If you're receptive, then more people will be receptive to wanting to get to know you. Method 3 Quiz What is the best reason to ask your friends to set you up with someone? They probably already have someone in mind for you. They might reveal a secret crush on you. They know you well enough to recommend someone. They will help you avoid looking for a partner online.

Method 4. Make sure you're compatible. Compatibility is incredibly important. That special person may pass every future-spouse test with flying colors, but when you're together, you may find that there's just a lack of Maybe you just don't really "get" each other; maybe you always end up bickering; maybe you just can't talk without running out of things to say after a few minutes.

If you're not compatible, you're not compatible, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Compatibility means that your personalities really work well together, and that things just click for you more often than not. Give it time. Though you may have been wanting to get married for twenty years, you shouldn't start running down the aisle after two weeks with the person you think is Mr. Even if you just have "that feeling," it's very risky to marry someone you've known for just a few months, or even just a year. Give the relationship enough time to know that your feelings aren't just based on attraction, that you can get through some ups and downs together, and that you can really truly see a lifetime of happiness with that person.

Make sure it's mutual.

You may be absolutely gaga for your special someone, but you need to have the sense that he's feeling it too. Or -- you need to make sure that he's not crazy about you, while you're just feeling "pretty happy. Make sure you can be yourself.

8 ways to find the right partner for you

Though marriage will naturally change two people as they become bonded more closely, make sure that the person you want to be with lets you truly be yourself instead of trying to be some ideal person. If your friends or family tell you you're not being yourself around that person, it's a bad sign. But you will know if you really can't be who you are around that person, because you'll feel yourself holding back. Share the same long-term goals. You may love being with that person for a year or two, but you should make sure that you have the same vision of the future -- whether it's settling down in a nice house with two kids, or traveling the world and being nomads together.

Though life is unpredictable and neither of you will be able to do exactly what you want, your visions of the future shouldn't be wildly different or you'll run into a lot of trouble. Picture that person in your future. If you've really found your spouse, then you should be able to imagine being with that person for the rest of your life. That is probably a very long time, so make sure that you really mean that you want to see that person grow old, to have kids with that person if that's what you both want , to support each other's careers or other pursuits, and to truly become life partners.

What to Look For in a Partner

Now have an incredible journey! Method 4 Quiz What is the best way to know if you're compatible with someone? You have a great sexual relationship. Your personalities "click. You've been together for more than a year. You can see yourself marrying this person in the future.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Think hard on your future spouse.

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Open yourself to new people. Always surround yourself with circle of friends and be in the community. The time itself will allow you to get the right person. Be sure you are compatible in all areas - be willing to talk about everything - major or minor. But you don't have to jump in bed with everyone you date to know if they are compatible. Go over your list and ask yourself what such a person would see in you.