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Keep the rest of your credit in good shape.

Even though you may have lost your home to foreclosure, it's possible that you may have had the financial wherewithal to keep up with your other bills. To the best of your ability, try to continue paying all your other bills on time to reduce the chances of doing even further damage to your credit score. While you won't have perfect credit after a foreclosure, a landlord may accept your explanation that your home was simply too costly if you can demonstrate that the missed housing payments were isolated events — and that you did manage to pay all your other financial obligations.

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Once you do secure a rental, keep a tight rein on your budget and expenses to get your finances back on track. Don't think for a minute that keeping up with rent is any less important than paying a mortgage. They both matter greatly.

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In fact, credit bureaus are now tracking rent payments , too, just as they track how consistently you pay your mortgage. Search for "no credit check" apartments.

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Some apartment companies offer rentals without performing any type of credit check. If several landlords have turned you down because of your poor credit history, consider looking at these smaller properties to secure your new place. Also, individual property owners who are renting condos, townhouses, duplexes or single-family homes may be more lenient than big property management companies.

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Consider non-traditional housing. If all else fails, you could try lodging at an extended stay, or long-term, hotel. These places don't require credit checks or big upfront deposits. You may also have wiggle room in negotiating a reduced monthly charge based on how long you'll stay. It wouldn't hurt to ask for a discount on the monthly rate if you'll be there for longer than, say, three months. If you'll be living there for six months or so, use the time to save money and build your credit rating, which will position you to be accepted by a traditional landlord. Tags credit foreclosure rental after foreclosure RentalAfterForeclosure renting.

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From Our Partners. Refinance rates still at near historic lows! One common misconception about foreclosure is that the bank wants the property back; on the contrary, lenders do not want to be homeowners. The lender becomes responsible for all of the costs of owning the home, like property taxes, and must perform the maintenance and upkeep a homeowner would, like mowing the lawn and cutting the grass. A lender who lets the condition of a foreclosed property slide faces fines from the local government. The additional cost of maintenance and house expenses come out of the lender's pocket, and the lender is still out the money owed on the mortgage.

A bank will negotiate with investors in order to recoup some financial loss and get rid of the responsibility of homeownership. The lender has the right to deny offers from the former homeowner. Banks begin eviction proceedings against the homeowner and any other occupants, like tenants, immediately after the foreclosure if no successful bids are received. However, if a bidder purchases the home at auction, he is responsible for evicting residents, as the lender never became the owner of the home.

The new owner must go to court and use formal eviction proceedings to remove occupants of the foreclosed home. The lender is not responsible for damages the occupants inflict to the home while the new owner is trying to evict. Foreclosed homes are generally sold "as is. In a traditional real estate purchase, the buyer has the right to sue the former owner to recoup loss if a major defect is not disclosed. In foreclosure purchase, there is no legal recourse against the lender if the buyer signs waivers, even if she has reason to believe the lender knew a defect existed. A successful real estate investor has one key asset — a successful foreclosure investing team.

In this video, two investors discuss their approach to building and nurturing the people that help them quickly purchase a property and ensure a smooth closing. Need help?

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