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The War Period. There was also the airship station at Kingsnorth. Patrols were organized between the Humber and the Thames estuary, and a cross-Chan- nel seaplane and airship patrol was started between the Isle of Grain and Ostend, a temporary base for seaplanes being estab- lished there. The Channel seaplane patrol was discontinued when the enemy advanced to Ostend.

An additional base was established at Skegness, and for a short time, until Aug. The Admiralty acquired as sea- plane-carriers the " Engadine," the " Riveria " and the " Em- press," structural alterations being necessary before the ships could be used for the purpose. The necessity for aircraft to cooperate with the Grand Fleet led to the establishment of a base for seaplanes and aeroplanes at Scapa Flow, a seaplane- carrier, the " Campania," being later commissioned to convey machines with the fleet when it proceeded to sea.

In order to protect the United Kingdom against German airship raids, an aircraft and seaplane base was established at Dunkirk. In the meantime the organization of the R. On Sept. The coast patrols were continued both by seaplanes and by airships, an additional station for these patrols being opened at Dover. In squadrons and wings were formed and sent overseas to Dunkirk and the Dardanelles. A detachment of three seaplanes pro- ceeded to E.

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Africa and subsequently to Mesopotamia. Towards the end of Feb. Later the 2nd Wing from Eastchurch also proceeded to the Dardanelles where, moreover, were sent the seaplane-carriers " Ark Royal " and ".

During the year a small unit of seaplanes cooperated with the fleet in the operations against the " Konigsberg " on the E. Increased activity of enemy submarines led in Feb. Whilst this small airship proved successful within its restricted radius of action, an airship with a longer effective range was found to be necessary and the "Coastal" type was designed. Some 30 of these ships were eventually ordered.

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This development necessitated the establishment of various airship bases around the coast. In Nov. In that year also a school for training both R. The policy of offensive patrols started by the R. Short Stirling. Pino Lombardi. The Fear in the Sky. Air-Launched Doodlebugs. Peter Smith. The Avro Manchester. Robert Kirby. The Battle of Britain. John Frayn Turner. Into the Night Sky. Paul Tweddle. Royal Flying Corps Handbook Peter G. Pioneers of Aerial Combat. Michael Foley. Convoy Peewit. From Fury to Phantom.

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